Uploading and deleting photos

How do I upload / edit / remove a photo?

Select 'Add Picture' from the menu bar'.

Photos must be saved as jpegs. If it's not in this format please open the photo and click 'save as' then save it as a jpg or jpeg from the drop down menu.

  • How many photos can I upload?
    Up to 3 as a standard member, as many as you want as a premium member.

  • I've just uploaded my photo, but it still isn't active?
    We review, resize and crop all pictures before uploading them to the website. So bear with us if your picture isn't accepted instantly - we won't forget about you. Most photos are uploaded within 24 hours.

  • Why was my photo not accepted?
    We only accept photos of yourself. We're obviously partial to a small kitten, nice rolling landscape or picture of Epcot but it really doesn't work on a dating website. Just send us photos of yourself and if there is more than one person in the picture make sure you tell us which one is you. All photos should clearly show your face and should be high quality, not grainy, blurred, sketches or digitally rendered to alter your face or the pixel quality of the original. And please, no porn, random images, obscene or illegal images, copyrighted images or lifted from another website, images which may cause offence, animals or children.

  • Is it true that profiles with a photo get more viewings?
    Absolutely! On average profiles with photos receive 10x as many viewings. So don't be shy, upload your photo.

  • Public or Private?
    Each uploaded photograph can either be set as public or private. Public images are displayed on your portfolio and available for all to see. Private images are hidden and can be sent to users on an individual basis.

    FAQs / Uploading and deleting photos
    Last updated : 20/04/11