yoga romance dating tips

Using yoga romance

  • Initially communicate through yoga romance
  • Don't give out any details about yourself (especially contact details) until you feel comfortable in doing so.
  • Take your time. Don't rush into anything.
  • If you feel you're being rushed by another Member then slow it down or walk away. You're under no obligation to meet anyone or reveal anything you don't want to.
  • If you feel concerned by anything walk away and let us know of anything you think is odd or unpleasant.
  • If you are suspicious of anything a person says, inconsistencies, reticence, anything at all that makes you unsure then don't continue the dialogue.
  • Ask for a photo
  • Before arranging to meet chat on the phone.
  • Ask friends what they think, don't be shy to ask for a second opinion.

Meeting up
If you arrange to meet somebody through the site exercise the same caution as you would on any date. Be sensible and trust your instincts. Use your judgement and be responsible.
  • Meet in a public place.
  • Tell friends where you are going.
  • Take a mobile phone with you.
  • Do not pass on any contact information (e.g. your home phone number or your address) until you feel comfortable doing so.
  • If your date presses you for this information walk away. By going on a date you are under no obligations to reveal more than you choose.
  • If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable during the date then leave.
  • Guard your drink to ensure that it is not spiked. If you're concerned, make sure you get your own drinks.
  • Treat your date with respect. If you feel you don't click it's better to let them know (even if it's a made-up excuse) rather than getting your a coat and doing a runner without telling them.
  • If your date is not keen on meeting again please don't feel that you've been rejected. Different people look for different things. There are more people on the site! You may not meet the right person on your first date.

Remember, you're not meeting a total stranger! Chatting online can be a great way to get to know another person, and allows you to establish common ground easily. This can cut out a lot of the usual fears associated with first dates and you should have plenty to talk about. Hopefully the ice is already broken.