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Someone honest, kind and reliable, who has the persanal maturity to understand different points of view Ideally, an angelicat who is younger or the same age than 'I'. A real friend. Who can understand the following: 'Unique interpersonal challenges that gifted individuals, couples and families encounter during their life span include learning to interact in the mainstream world; manage expectations and pressures to fit the norm; defuse unconscious hostility, resentment, antagonism and sabotage directed at them because they are perceived as intellectually, creatively or personally advantaged; set appropriate boundaries for the utilization of their abilities; collaborate with others, and manage the daily dilemmas of giftedness involving relatives, bosses, co-workers, neighbors, counselors, teachers and other members of the community.' Lynne Azpeitia, M.A. and Mary Rocamora, M.A S'one who likes sex, and yes, it is fine if the person comes first and the rest is secondary. I am not rich, just kind. You do not have to be wealthy, just love.
Any girll or women interested in Yoga
Intelligent, attractive, passionate, positive- non- smoking - veggie (or mostly veggie)
Someone who enjoys outdoor yoga, partner yoga and walking.