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Belle 1968, online this month51, West Midlands
A life worth breathing
Green mile
To many to mention
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Number five63, Cornwall
I’m ok your ok.
The hips don’t lie.
The Matrix
You don’t know what you don’t know till you know it.
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Miayogi26, London
Frog princess
Coming soon
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Amberlights39, Norfolk
I can\'t think of one at the moment
Hybrid - fear
Coming soon
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Yogarebel53, London
Citta vritthi nirodaha
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oceanstar54, London
Heart Yoga
skinny love Birdy
Tend to your vital heart, and all that you worry about will be solved RUMI
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yogawithempathy46, Warwickshire
Momma and the meaning of life
A New England By Kirsty MacColl
Wild Tales
A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it's not open
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Pushkin53, Kent
Patanjali Sutras
Too many to list
Eat, Pray, Love
never judge another until you have walked a mile in their shoes
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Shakti133, Cornwall
Alice in Wonderland
Shine on you crazy diamond
The Sound of Music
I searched for God and found only myself...I searched for myself and found on...
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clare44, East Sussex
Any spiritual texts
Never Stop Brand New heavies
Shawshank redemption
Feel the fear and do it anyway (within reason)!
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yoguine66, London
Power of Intention
Enya Lorena M New Age
Va vit et devient
I you change the way you look at things the things you look at change
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Tuliptree33, City of Edinburgh
Feeling groovey
To be or not to be
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Bluekim10036, London
Stardust by Neil Gaiman
Hotel California by the Eagles
Perception is reality
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Natalie644, Greater London
Light on Yoga
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
Pulp Fiction
I don't have a favourite!
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yogisol48, Hertfordshire
Bhagavad Gita
Too many to choose
It is not our darkness that scares us most - it is our light. We ask ourselve...
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storm255, Devon
far from the maddening crowd
your song
out of Africa
one life live it
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Hemi150, Bristol Avon
The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle
Too many to name, but one of my favourites is Gimme Shelter
The piano
Be the change you wish to see in the world - Ghandi
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Chameleon148, London
The Alchemist, Feel the fear..The Women's book of yoga, loads!
Adele, Smiths, Indochine too many to mention!
Chanel, Nanny diaries, French/German & Spanish films.
Be the change,
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sunlight36, London
Khalil Gibran
Elgar Cello Concerto 1st Movement / Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
Dancer in the Dark
Coming soon
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Chicca46, CI
Nutrition books
Coming soon
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